What Our Customers Are Saying

Arbonies King Vlock PC - Branford, CT

The services rendered from Reverse Polarity, LLC since December of 2004 have far exceeded our expectations. We needed a reasonably priced, effortless and comprehensive network server that would adequately store and backup all our files without overloading our small IT department with tedious maintenance. Our Linux server has been running efficiently since its inception in 2005. This smooth operation coupled with our daily back up regime allows our company to focus on production and leaves us with a sense of confidence, knowing that we have the perfect system with remote support. Any questions or concerns that have risen on our end have always been quickly addressed and resolved by the staff at Reverse Polarity, LLC. We looked at several options and found Reverse Polarity to be the best business solution for us. It is an investment that has been advantageous for all involved.

Louann M Heft
Branford, CT USA

Wake Robin Inn - Lakeville, CT

Microsoft, move over. With apologies to Mr. Gates and Mr. Balmer, where do you want to go today as a small business? To Reverse Polarity. Incomparable professionalism and a true IT partnership based on the best advice and the best solutions. We couldn't grow our business without them - and, I have no hesitation in saying - neither should you. Reverse Polarity is an investment that will pay for itself over and over again, especially in this economy.

Shaffin Shariff
Lakeville, CT USA

RetirementGuard, LLC - Lakeville, CT

Reverse Polarity has been our partner in inventive solutions and competitive edge since 2002 - from consulting to firewall configuration and maintenance. Security as our number one priority, we have been relieved of the burden so many have carried, with Reverse Polarity at the helm. We started our business in the Northwest corner of Connecticut and had it nourished and protected from the ravages of technology by Reverse Polarity. I shudder to think of where we would be without their help. Long live the small business owner!

Sandy Dennis
Lakeville, CT USA