Instant Messaging

Jabber XMPP Protocol

Jabber is an open-source, open-standard, extensible Instant Messaging service similar to legacy IM services such as Yahoo!, MSN, and AIM, but this is far from all it can do. Click the Jabber link to see a more complete overview of this technology.

Recently, ZDNet published an ARTICLE showing that the number of Jabber IM users had surpassed the number of ICQ IM users.

*NOTE* Google's "google talk", and Apple's IM server are both based on the open-source, open-standard jabber (XMPP) protocol.

Openfire Jabber Server

We install and support the Openfire Jabber instant messaging server. Openfire has an easy-to-use web-based administration console and it supports MANY PLUGINS which add additional features such as packet filters, administrative broadcasts, IM Gateways to other IM services such as AIM, Google talk, MSN,Yahoo ICQ etc.

Already have an Jabber IM account at or a Google Talk IM account? Send me an instant
message at waa (at) jabber (dot) revpol (dot) com and say hello!