Helpdesk Software

After years of searching, Reverse Polarity, LLC has recently settled on what we consider to be a phenomenal open-source helpdesk software solution for our customers - Cerberus Helpdesk.

As a matter of fact, we thought Cerberus Helpdesk was so good that not only do we install and support it for our customers, but we also use it in-house to help us track our clients' requests!

We have so much faith in Cerberus, that we also made it a point to partner with the people (WebGroup Media) who wrote and maintain this incredible helpdesk software!

Cerberus Helpdesk is in our opinion the "Best of Breed" in open-source helpdesk software. Cerberus is easy to use and has many features only available in more costly helpdesk products.

Take a free tour of Cerberus Helpdesk and see if you agree! If you like Cerberus Helpdesk, let us know and we can install and configure it on your network and then train you how to use it to most effectively service your constituent groups!