Email Scanning & Filtering

Email Virus Scanning

Need an anti-virus solution for your email? We can integrate any number of commercially available or open-source anti-virus solutions into your email server to help protect your internal Microsoft Windows machines from viruses, worms and trojans that are often delivered via email.


We can integrate SPAM tagging into your site-wide email solution to help reduce the time wasted dealing with annoying unsolicited commercial email - commonly referred to as "SPAM". SpamAssassin is an open-source anti-spam tool that will flag spam emails in several different ways to indicate that they are very probably spam. Your email client may then be configured to move these tagged messages to an appropriately named "SPAM" folder where you may quickly look them over and bulk delete them, thereby significantly reducing the amount of time wasted dealing with spam. Once you are confident with SpamAssassin's capabilities you may even wish to configure your email client to immediately delete certain emails that SpamAssAssin marks as most definitely spam. More time saved!

Barracuda SPAM Firewall

Reverse Polarity, LLC is a Barracuda Networks Partner and we can assist in specifying, installing, and configuring a Barracuda Spam Firewall solution that meets your company's email virus and SPAM filtering needs. For more information about the Barracuda line of anti-virus, anti-SPAM and other products - including their message archiving product, please visit the Barracuda Networks web site.