Open-Source Software In The News

Here you will find a growing list of examples where Linux and other open-source software is being used successfully in schools, municipalities and businesses all around the world.

Here are some PDF articles on open-source software. Click on the links below to download the article.

03/17/09 - Kodak releases scanning application for Linux67.95 KB
03/31/09 - LINUX is the 'patch' to cure the Conficker worm37.31 KB
03/15/09 - Skolelinux for Schools in Rhineland-Palatinate78.79 KB
03/13/09 - Does OpenOffice have 11 million active U.S. users?59.28 KB
03/12/09 - UK Government To Save £600m With Open Source54.61 KB
01/16/07 - Australian school turns to open source to cut costs14.9 KB
10/22/04 - Security Report - Windows vs. Linux (An independent assessment)2.58 MB