Network Security

Network Security is a sort of nebulous term. It is something that is often not even a consideration when a computer network is being built or upgraded.

Too often, computer networks just sort of grow little-by-little as new servers and workstations are plugged in - a kind of "electronic urban sprawl." While this is a common situation, it is not proper network design, and it is certainly not a sustainable long-term solution.

Setting up a network that is stable, secure and managable takes time, and know-how. For instance, some questions that need to be asked and answered when discussing a network installation or upgrade are:

  • Who will be connecting to your network?
  • What type of services does your network need to provide?
  • How should you deal with guest users who wish to connect to our network?
  • What type(s) of Internet access should be provided?
  • Should you be monitoring your user's Internet traffic and/or blocking them from certain types of sites?
  • Should your users' Internet traffic be automatically scanned for viruses, trojans, or other malware as they browse web sites?

After answering these questions and others, we will work with you to configure (or reconfigure) your network so that not only are external security risks minimized, but even more importantly so that the often neglected attacks from internal, or guest users are minimized as well.

Along with centering our focus on security, we will also be sure to keep a focus on making sure that your network is stable and is capable of providing the services you require.