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Generating email warnings of Bacula jobs that complete "OK" but have zero files or zero bytes

A recent feature request on the Bacula Community version mailing list was to have Bacula set a job's status to "W" (Backup OK -- with warnings) when a job completed with zero files or zero bytes.

The general consensus was that this probably should be handled outside of Bacula code, since it would require an additional directive and of course additional coding.

This request interested me and it prompted me to write this short script.

After editing some basic variables near the top of the script, the script requires only one command line parameter - the jobid - and currently also accepts "debug" to log everything to stdout, and "zero_incremental_ok" which does not trigger when Incremental or Differential jobs have zero files or zero bytes.

Example email subject when an email report is triggered:

Subject: Warning from Bacula Server - Backup job 'SpeedyVMs' (jobid 18511) was "OK", but wrote zero files and/or zero bytes

Generating Basic Bacula Backup Email Summary Reports (Updated Version)

In April of 2013, a request was made on the Bacula mailing list for a way to get daily and weekly backup reports. This got me to thinking that such a daily email would be useful.

So, off I went to write a simple bash shell script to generate these reports. Over time, many features were added to this script and it has evolved quite a bit over the past 4 years. The original posting about this script may be found here:

Getting Bacula's Bootstrap (.bsr) Files To A Safe Place Via Email

Here is a very simple script to make sure that your Bacula bootstrap files are emailed to an offsite system. This script may be called manually, or from a cron job, or from a Bacula Catalog backup job's "After" Runscript.

Reverse Polarity Sets Up A Tor Relay Node - Happy New Year Internet Privacy!

Because we believe that privacy and anononimity on the Internet are both very important, on January 1st, 2015 we set up a Tor Relay.

Tor stands for "The Onion Router".

If you are unfamiliar with Tor, please check out their website to learn more about who uses Tor and why it is so important now that many of the details of the NSA's illegal tracking and logging of all Internet communications have been revealed.

Not only are foreign communications being tracked and logged - ALL communications are. This means emails, web browsing, SMS text messages, instant messages, Skype and on and on, and it means all of your activity is being illegally tracked and logged.

As this new years begins we are making it a point to lend a hand to the Tor Project by running this anonymizing relay service.

Happy New Year Internet Privacy!